The Santa Monica UNITE HERE Health Benefit Fund was established in 1953 and has served to provide benefits to participants and their family's for decades. The funding of the benefits provided by the Santa Monica UNITE HERE Health Benefit Fund are established through Collective Bargaining between your Union and Employer. The eligibility rules and benefits are established and determined by the Board of Trustees of the Fund. The Board of Trustees has the exclusive right, power and authority, in their discretion, to administer, apply, interpret and /or terminate any provision of the Fund. The Trust Fund is not an insurance company. The Trust Fund has contracts with the medical, prescription drug and dental providers to provide services to eligible participants of the Trust Fund.

Once a participant establishes eligibility for benefits in accordance with the eligibility rules of the Santa Monica UNITE HERE Health Benefit Fund they are entitled to Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental and Life Insurance coverage. Eligible participants have the choice to enroll in one of the three medical plan options, Martin Luther King Community Healthcare Plan, Kaiser or Health Net. Dental coverage is provided by Delta Dental or Liberty Dental. Prescription coverage is provided by Express Scripts. Life Insurance benefits are provided by the Trust Fund.

All eligible participants must complete the Funds Medical Choice Enrollment Form in order to select their medical plan option and enroll their dependents. An additional enrollment form is required for participants that select the Martin Luther King Community Healthcare Plan, Kaiser Medical Plan or Health Net plans. Delta Dental and Liberty Dental also has a separate enrollment form that must be completed for dental plan enrollment. These forms can be found by clicking on the Forms section of the web site, or by calling the Administrative Office.


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